Collection Number


Object Name

Anemoi Mundi Poppet on Element Brick

Object Type

Spiritual Navigation and Guidance, Divination


26, 25, 12 


Swansula found materials. plastic, steel nail, seaweed, wax, bone, copper, brass, iron, rose fibre, glass, roots.

Physical Description

Deity poppet sat on a plastic element brick, with four circular turrets marking earth, air, fire and water with removable steel pins. Pins on the four edges in triangular patterns mark element symbols.

Use and Meaning

For use independently for meditation, and with Swansula Compass to empower spiritual navigation.

Poppet has eyes covered signifying openness to guidance by the elements and travel through the mind, sitting between the four elements signifying position in the crossroads, the bridge between the worlds, new direction and universal balance.

Anemoi Mundi poppet Swansula wind deity, universal soul, dual mother, mercurial goddess with wing feathers in four colours signifying the elements.

Sat before black seaweed candle for uncrossing and protection, housed in a copper mask, the self projected to the world in front. Pins removable for lifting when drawn towards and connecting to particular forces for navigation.