Collection Number


Object Name

Swansula Compass for Spiritual Aeromancy with Anemoi Mundi Poppet

Object Type

Spiritual Navigation and Guidance, Divination


70, 23, 23


Swansula found materials. plastic, steel nail, seaweed, wax, bone, copper, brass, iron, rose fibre, glass, roots. 

Physical Description

Round oval orb compass with symbols and wheels either side for holding and turning with hands, chime pendant below in coloured glass.

Use and Meaning

Compass used whilst walking the landscape, using the elements to guide the spiritual and physical navigation during ritual.

Wheel on the right hand side signifies one's nurture, earth, wheel of the year, turning intuitively as thoughts and memories move through time, past present and future.

Star on the left hand side symbolises one's nature, the skies, turning intuitively as thoughts journey to origins and patterns determined by astrological alignment.

Glass chime pendant, to read the elements, air and wind, hold over water for river divination, colours signify four elements. Geomantic type patterning on front and back, interpreted as abstracted zodiac symbols relating to one's sun and moon, one held to the heart one projected to the world infront. 

User has eyes covered or used in darkness, blindness signified in hand positioning of Anemoi Mundi poppet (wind deity, universal soul, dual mother, mercurial goddess) used to cast final wishes with black seaweed candle for uncrossing and protection.