Collection Number


Object Name

Drawing of Lunasaw Amulet 

Object Type

Drawing, Digital Scan


21, 29


Graphite pencil, manufactured paper - wood pulp

Physical Description

Graphite drawing of an Amulet by Lunasaw

Use and Meaning

Drawing of jewellery to adorn Lunasaws and the coven living out in Swansula marshland for protection. To remember their endeavour to become symbiotic with nature and carry with them the animal spirits they are protecting.

Amulet drawn with powerful Lunasaw protective symbology. Luna figure spread legged, directed with bird of prey energy carried by fertility of life in the great river represented by barbel fish, breast protected by muteswan. Figure depicted symbiotic and interwoven with earth, species and skies. Detail of hinges at base of wings suggests space for lockets for additional protective herbs and inorganic material.