Collection Number 


Object Name

Painting of Swansula LUNMES 2045

Object Type

Painting Magic


120, 80, 12


Traditional drawing ink, recycled wood pulp board, galvanised nails on thick wood frame

Physical Description

Ritual painting of Swansula salt marsh at night positioned near the Black Duck Dock, formally named Broadness Harbour. Detailing the hallowed tip of the Peninsula. Depicting a biomimic boat house and astrological instruments. Coven figures shown together masked in dance, during insolated reflection and as couples in embrace. Wildlife includes swan, seal, heron, coots, ducks. Lunasaw mark in bottom right hand corner.

Use and Meaning

LUNMES Lunasaws Under New Moons Eve 2045. The painting is considered to be half from imagination and half from reality, conducted out in the landscape. The process of painting in Swansula is sacred and performed ritualistically, therefore the object is a result of a long and isolated ritual, to weave the subconscious with Swansulas nature. To envisage, empower and enchant symbiotic relationships.