S.R/O.1 Painting of Swansula LUNMES 2045

S.R/O.2 Swansula Compass for Spiritual Aeromancy with Anemoi Mundi Poppet

S.R/O.3 Drawing of Swansula Songline map on Bullrush Seed Paper

S.R/O.4 Aneomi Mundi Poppet on Elements Brick

S.R/O.5 Sailing The Veils, Ritual Sailing Barge

S.R/O.6 Bind Capital Waste ritual object for cleansing from systemic toxicity

S.R/O.7 Drawing of Alchemical Fountain for Rebirth

S.R/O.8 Drawing of Ceramic Infusion Vessel

S.R/O.9 Lunasaw protection poppet

S.R/O.10 Swansula Dreamcatcher, plastic cable ritual object

Print of Stamp, based on early Swansula graffiti

S.R/O.12 Photograph of Concrete Petroglyph in Swansula

S.R/O.13 Drawing of Lunasaw Amulet