S.R/D.1 Swansula Prayer, handwritten note with Amulet Sigil stamp

S.R/D.2 To Swansula Poem, typed notes

S.R/D.3 Swansula Skin Balm Recipe, handwritten note

S.R/D.4 May You, poetic prayer for grieving ritual, handwritten note

S.R/D.5 Night Wind Meditation, handwritten page from notebook

S.R/D.6 April Full, protection poem, handwritten page from notebook

S.R/D.7 Account of Winter Foraging Journey, handwritten diary notes

S.R/D.8 From Swansula Poem, draft note

S.R/D.9 Reflections on Marsh Ecology after flooding, conservation notes

S.R/D.10 Bioplastic Recipe, handwritten note

S.R/D.11 Bioplastic Samples, Recipes and Foraging Locations, handwritten notes

S.R/D.12 Bioplastic Spell, handwritten note

S.R/D.13 Chalk and Seaweed Ink, draft recipes and process page from notebook